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Office furniture casters in the use of daily maintenance and maintenance

Office furniture casters in the use of daily maintenance and maintenance

Author:Hengshui Jiapeng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Source:www.jiaolunjp.com Publication Time:2022-4-16 16:29:15 Browse:

Office furniture because of frequent friction and collision with the ground, the daily maintenance is more important, as an important part of office furniture, furniture casters maintenance is the focus of the focus.

There are many factors affecting furniture casters in the actual office. The most important link is whether the choice of casters bracket can be closely integrated with the actual needs.

In the use of casters, the use of the overall operation structure is very important to the impact of office furniture, especially the stability of casters and fasteners directly affect the use of casters, so it is necessary to periodically maintain and maintain casters.

First of all, the loose screws and nuts with pliers re fixed, detect whether the bracket bending deformation, such as abnormal repair or replacement with professional tools, castor bearings to lubrication maintenance, such as: injection of lubricating oil and other lubricants, check whether the fastening sleeve is firm.

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