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Castor material and use of the environment of choice

Castor material and use of the environment of choice

Author:Hengshui Jiapeng Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Source:www.jiaolunjp.com Publication Time:2022-4-16 16:28:56 Browse:

Casters are made of polypropylene (PP), nylon PA, polyurethane pU, PVC, TPR/TPE, cast iron and so on. How to choose casters according to different use environments? Arrange it according to years of experience for reference.

General tool car PP material comparison, his cost-effective, cheap and durable, but his material is hard, not suitable for the use of environmental protection floor, and promote the sound, not suitable for quiet environment.

Nylon is also known as PA, it is a super wear-resistant material, and can be used in the high temperature of 120 degrees, so the general load-bearing, uneven road surface, high temperature environment, general heavy casters, track wheels are selected nylon material.

Polyurethane is also known as PU, most casters use PU material, because it is wear-resistant and quiet, light casters, heavy casters can use polyurethane material, but his price is relatively high, most of the turnover cars, tool cars are used in polyurethane casters

PVC is a kind of PU material, in the use of relatively flat environment bearing is not too big, you can choose the castor of this material, its price is much more appropriate than PU.

TPR/TPE material is a kind of artificial rubber material, good quiet elasticity, high quality ground, most of the products are afraid of vibration, quiet environment should choose this material, but his disadvantage is soft hardness, should not be used in bearing too much, because the material soft ground resistance is large, bearing too much to push.

We all know the characteristics of cast iron, high hardness bearing significant, temperature and wear resistance. But it might be louder in a heavy room. So it's usually used outdoors. Hope that through the understanding of these materials, can help you better choose castor products.


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